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  • Does Aura Model need Registration?
    Yes. Aura Needs Registration 5 Years Insurance is also compulsory. This vehicle is like any other Petrol Vehicle. It requires License, Registration, Insurance, Helmet etc.. If you are looking for non-registration model, check Falcon, Icon, Kriti Models at home
  • How to charge the battery in Aura Model?
    Aura has removable Lithium Ion Battery. You can directly connect plug point under the seat and charge the vehicle directly. Also, you can remove the battery, take it home and charge it. You can do it both ways.
  • How much electricity (Current Bill) does Aura cost for each charge?
    3.5 Units. Approximately 18 Rupees. Aura consumes 3.5 Units of Current for each full charge (From Empty to Full)
  • Is there a side stand sensor in Aura Model?
    Yes Aura comes with side stand sensor. Vehicle will not move until we retract sidestand.
  • Does this Aura have Reverse button?
    No. Unfortunately, Aura Model does not have Reverse button
  • Do Electric Vehicles have CC (Like 100 CC or 125 CC)?
    No. Electric Vehicles don't have engine. So, there is no CC. Electric Vehicle power is measured in Watts, or Kilo Watts or Horsepower of the motor. For example, our top model, Aura vehicle has about 2500 watts of Peak Power (3.3 HP)
  • Can Electric Vehicles go in slopes, flyovers and bridges?"
    Yes. They have good torque(Pickup) In Electric Vehicles, Speed only is Less. But Torque(Pick up) is high. So, they can easily climb flyovers and bridges even with load. Try test drive of one of our vehicles. You will also realize this.
  • Can Electric Vehicles be washed with water?
    Ofcourse. Electric Vehicles can be washed with water. Most of the Electric Componenets are water proof.
  • What is the maintenance cost of Electric Vehicles
    Much much cheaper than Petrol Vehicle Maintenance Honestly, there are not many maintenance components in Electric Vehicle. Compared to Petrol Vehicle, your Electric Vehicle maintenance would be less than 20%
  • Do You have any Fast Charger?
    Don't Try Fast Chargers Lithium Ion Batteries already come with fast charging. If we charge it even faster with any fast charger, it will reduce battery life time. So, please use the charger that company gives. Don’t use any fast charger
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