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BENLING Electric Scooter


       largest manufacturing in Asia, Benling specialized in manufacturing Electric Two-Wheeler in both High speed and Low Speed Segment, with an aim of providing high end technology to our consumers benling focuses on continous R&D and innovation in its Product . in kerala Vellaramotors is the first electric scooter dealer


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Choose from an electric scooter options that are easy to maintain and simple to ride.



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Electric Scooter Can Save You Money.

By saving 95 rupees of every 100 rupees you are spending today on Petrol, Maintenance

Electric scooter Can Can Save Our Country...

From dollars that we need to buy Crude OIL

Electric Scooter Can Save Our Planet...

our Electric vehicle From Pollution and Global Warming 

When it can have 3 benefits, for You, for the Country and for the Environment, Why Not Try ?

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Benling is powered with Cutting edge Technology

> Electric scooters are powered by advanced swappable Lithium Ion batteries.

> Smart Key Anti theft alarm

> Smart parking assistance

> Regenerative braking system

> Smart breakdown maintenance system

Benling Vellara Motors


          Vellara Motors Benling has been a leading and First electric Scooter Dealer in the Kannur area. At our dealership, we’re committed to providing quality service to all of our customers - from first-time buyers to experienced vehicle owners. we provide High speed and low speed electric scooter. Our financing options make it easy for everyone to buy the electric vehicle of their dreams. vellaramotors Kannur, Kerala


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Japanese Technology & Made in India

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